Welcome to the club!

Congratulation on your recent purchase from Rock Hard Science. Here’s you’ll be able to access instructional videos, download the accountability journal that will help you manage your progress, and more!

Step 1

Access Your Medical Protocol

Before you give you new PhoenixHER a test drive, make sure to access your medical protocols by clicking on the link below. 

We recommend that you follow the protocol closely and do not over use the device.  

Step 2

Get your Accountability Journal.
The Phoenix Pro is going to help you unleash abilities that you never imagined possible, and our goal is to help you unlock them A.S.A.P.! That’s why we’ve created this Accountability Journal. It’s designed to keep you on track, help you establish an action plan, and develop healthier habits.

Step 3

Watch this before using your device!
Before you begin using The Phoenix Pro, it’s important to watch this instructional video to learn how to properly administer treatment on yourself in addition to how to maintain the device.
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